What Our Clients are Saying...

Lisa N. – Traffic Administration Manager - It’s been my pleasure to work with Leah and her staff! They always send me good people”

Mirissa W. - Sr. Administrative Manager - Jason and everyone else I have interacted with have been amazing since the day I took over the this office and you guys always send us such great talent within my extremely minimal budget I have to work with. Thank you for everything you do for us!”

Viviane L. - Sr. HR Generalist - Jason, Leah and everyone are just awesome!! We’ve had an influx of temp needs and Jason has been so responsive and quick! He made the payroll services need so easy and seamless and the search for temp Admin so painless – nothing but praises are due to you and your team.”

Carol A. - HR Support - “April is a tremendous resource in her role of developing sales, leading staff, managing operations, and delivering extraordinary customer service. The staffing business is ever-changing. As the Area Manager, she must continually shift priorities, work with constant deadlines, and make frequent adjustments, which she does with consistently positive results. April's high attention to detail and organizational skills are refined like I have never seen before (a master strength)… She is always responsive, rolls up her sleeves, and is ready to serve at a high-level. It is pleasure and pride that I work with April and her accomplished team.”

Cyndi D. – Director of Human Resources - “I really cannot thank you enough for your quick response. It gives me such a sense of security that I can reach you and the team at any time, and get help in an expedited manner. There is no stress on my part … because you guys are such a great team.”

Angela B. – HR Manager - “Hi team! I’m happy to introduce a new approved agency we will be working with from this point on. Sincerus Solutions will be able to help with our temporary and permanent staffing needs. Sonia has been very helpful to us and is committed at providing excellent service.”

Brian C. - Operations Consultant at Fieldglass - “Leah is indeed a rare individual. She possesses such an outstanding combination of traits and skills that I have often found myself wishing I worked with a hundred Leahs. Alas, there is but one. She is a born problem solver, able to attack obstacles from multiple directions simultaneously to discover the most effective, most functional, most efficient manner in which to remove them.

What Our Associates are Saying...

Annelli E. - Administrative Assistant - “I owe my job placement all to the crew at Sincerus Solutions!! It has truly been a pleasure and honor to work and represent Sincerus. This agency will always be in my mind if anyone ever needs help with their job search. I appreciate you all!!!"

Regina B - Administrative Assistant - “It has been a pleasure working for you and your exemplary team. I have really enjoyed being part of the Sincerus family. You have a very impressive organization. It’s been smooth sailing during our whole tenure. I’d work with Sincerus again in a heartbeat. I’d highly recommend Sincerus to any candidates of caliber that I know. Thank again. You have been awesome. “

Christiana E. - Talent Acquisitions Manager - “I wanted to take the time to share my sincere thanks for all the time and effort you invested in providing me with a job offer [direct hire] with COMPANY. I feel so blessed that I was able to work with you as you prepped me for both the phone and face-to-face interview. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for how instrumental you have been in allowing me the opportunity to pursue my career goals. Thank you for all your time and for coordinating all the communication channels and scheduled meetings. I am so excited to work for COMPANY and cannot wait to join my team. I also look forward to working with both you and Sonia and the Sincerus Solutions Team in the near future. Again THANK YOU!!! “

Catherine D. - Office Admin - "Sincerus Solutions is a great company that really cares about employees. They have big hearts and lots of tools to help people prepare for the job search. In my case, I get so nervous before I interview. I called Jason at 10:30pm the night before my interview, and he was more than happy to answer my questions and make me feel at ease."

Cassie L. - Receptionist - "The recruiting team at Sincerus Solutions really took the time to get to know my whole situation. I definitely felt like they were listening to my immediate needs and genuinely wanted to help me achieve my career goals."

 Christian L. – Accounts Payable Supervisor - "I was out of work for a long time, and was having trouble getting back in. I worked with many other staffing companies, but Sincerus had a different vibe. I really felt like they actually wanted to see me succeed. I have recommended them to many of my friends."


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